Our Staff Vision

Our vision is for the students to achieve the best they possibly can and to develop academic improvement, social and emotional wellbeing of our students. To do this, we have highly stable and experienced staff who in themselves are leaders of many programs within the school.

Our focus is to harness the energy and passion of our staff, to develop well researched, evidence based programs to match the needs and students in our school. At our school we have highly trained professionals specialising in the areas of the Arts, Pastoral Care, Academic Extension Programs, Working with Students at Educational Risk and students with disabilities.

A Principal and 2.4 Deputy Principals lead a team of teaching staff and school support staff. This staff includes 2 teachers and instructional school support staff who are Aboriginal. Staff members tend to remain at the school for extended periods of time and the school has a reputation as a good place to work notwithstanding the highly demanding student enrolment.

Innovation, dedication and commitment are encouraged at Rangeway PS and the opportunities to provide a stimulating teaching and learning program are numerous with passionate, committed and dedicated staff and a growing development of partnerships within the Midwest Region to enhance educational opportunities for Rangeway PS students.

The school focuses on growing its own expertise and additional resources are allocated to facilitate leadership roles within the school such as five Learning Phase Team Leaders, a 0.4 FTE Synthetic Phonics Coordinator, a 0.4FTE K – 2 Curriculum Leader, a 0.6 FTE Aboriginal Language Strategy Coordinator and a 0.6FTE Learning Support Coordinator, who works with staff to support students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

The ancillary staff at Rangeway Primary School also play a significant role in the implementation of many initiatives that are part of the school operations. The school places significant emphasis on pastoral care, early intervention, attendance, literacy and numeracy and the arts and it is in this area that many of our non-teaching staff have an important role. Funding is utilised for Speech and Occupational Therapy programs, School Based Attendance Officers, Careers Development Officer, School Chaplain, Disengaged Boys and Girls Group Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO), School-based Community Liaison Officer (SBCLO) for Malay students and time for both the SBCLO and AIEO to work in the front office as a means of encouraging parent involvement and engagement with the school.