Our Parents and Community

Rangeway Primary School strive to work together with parents/carers, with the key focus being on the student's best interests and the parents/carers aspirational goals for their children and our students.

Some of the parents/carers have reflected on their child's time at Rangeway Primary School and have said the following:

“Rangeway Primary School develops children’s confidence and develops their talents.”

“All the children at Rangeway Primary School are treated fairly and equally. They learn to care and respect each other.”

“Rangeway Primary School is a very family orientated and friendly environment.”
“The teachers at Rangeway Primary School are extremely approachable, friendly and happy to be at work.”

“I like the encouragement the children get to achieve their best and to believe in themselves.”

“The staff at Rangeway Primary School are friendly and are always willing to talk to the parents at anytime and anywhere.”

“I like the multi-cultural inclusiveness.”