Dental Therapy Centre

A dental therapy centre servicing the Geraldton region is located on site at Rangeway PS. Students come from various Geraldton schools to receive treatment.

Future Planning

Rangeway PS will soon be the site of a Child and Parent Centre – Rangeway with work expected to commence in early January 2015 and completed by August 2015.  The CPC – Rangeway currently operates out of the After School Care

The Local Area Coordinator is Amber Samulkiewicz and the Geraldton Builders P S Chester and Son won the building tender and the architectural firm Eastman, Poletti and Sherwood designed the building.

How the Child and Parent Centre will support the broad Community

The child and parent centre will provide a means to work hand in hand with parents in the 0 to 4 years group, especially for vulnerable students and families.  It is hoped that the focus of the Child and Parent Centre will be on assisting, supporting and working with parents to help empower them to be confident in their parenting skills, knowledge and abilities and to see the link between home and school success factors.

The Child and Parent Centre will be a means of sharing information and engaging with school staff, parents and community members and groups to focus on children’s health, emotional and social well being, parent/caregiver health and well being and opportunities to inform and plan with parent/caregivers about factors which create readiness for and success in school.