Rangeway Primary wins Our School's a Star Competition!

Posted on: Friday, 3 July 2015 at 1:46:49 PM

For the last three years, students at Rangeway Primary School have been learning to play the didgeridoo at school through a program started by music and arts teacher Mr George Sicluna.

Didgeridoo experts Robert Tester and Rolan Deutokom have been taking time out of their regular workdays to teach the students for an hour a week, and it is clear this practice is really playing off!

The Western Australian Education Department's Our School's a Star competition has selected Rangeway Primary School as one of two main prize winners in the state.

The prize, $10 000, will be used to fund the project into the future.

Positive engagement, inclusivity and a respect for culture are at the heart of the Rangeway PS Indi-Genius Rangeway PS Didgeridoo Boys Group program which is now part of the larger Geraldton cultural and school community.

The program encourages boys of all cultures to learn and participate in the didgeridoo group. 

Students have to earn their position in the group. They are required to show respect at all times, attend school everyday and practice at home.

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